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Best Twitter Account

Twitter, almost everyone knows this social network, but do you know what the best, most popular, most visited Twitter account is? The ranking for the world Twitter can be done quite easily, just pick the brands (among a bunch of celebrities) on twitaholic.com and hide them in Excel. It's a bit more challenging because celebrities are prevalent. Anyway, below you can see the updated ranking of brands more than two years apart.

The best Twitter in the world

What is interesting about the brand ranking? For example, the fact that you will find a large number of media (newspapers) in it and their positions are still strengthening. Of course, it's Twitter, so you'll find a lot of computer and internet stuff here. But also the fact that Spanish is a strong element, as well as here you can see what we already know from other networks - athletes, sports and sports clubs.

Best Twitter

What is it like in your country? Vote, comment or add your account. Everyone in the world can vote. Let the whole world know about you.



C arl
10 months ago
The most followed accounts on Twitter: List of the most followed accounts, with the highest number of followers, as of April 22, 2023
1. @elonmusk - Elon Musk - 136.09 - entrepreneur, owner of Twitter,
2. @BarackObama Barack Obama 132.83 44th US President
3. @justinbieber Justin Bieber 113.04 singer Canada
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